X Series Snow Blowers by Cub Cadet®

The Cub Cadet X Series lineup offers three levels of snow-clearing power and a host of model options. Choose from the compact performance of the 1X®, the impressive power and handling of the 2X® or the three-stage system of the 3X®.

The X Series Lineup

  • 1X Single-Stage Snow Blowers

    Engineered to use a high-performance auger to quickly and easily remove up to 6 inches of snow from small, smooth areas.

    Engineered for
    • Snowfall
      Up to 6"
    • Driveway
      Up to 8 cars
    • Surfaces
  • 2X Two-Stage Snow Blowers

    Engineered for clearing between 12-18 inches in powder and slush. If you measure snow in feet instead of inches, step up to the commercial-grade features on the 2X MAX.

    Engineered for
    • Snowfall
      Up to 18"
      (18–23" for EFI and MAX units)
    • Driveway
      Up to 15 cars
    • Surfaces
      Smooth & gravel
  • 3X Three-Stage Snow Blowers

    Engineered to clear deep snowfall faster than 2X models with its patented three-stage system. Designed to easily remove up to 23 inches of snowfall and bust through tough snow barriers.

    Engineered for
    • Snowfall
      Up to 23"
    • Driveway
      Up to 15+ cars
    • Surfaces
      Smooth & gravel
  • 4.6 (43 Google Reviews)

“We just had our first blizzard of the season. No problem clearing our property, and helped a couple neighbors too. Over a foot of wet heavy snow and it did not intimidate this Cub.”

  • Ryan from Sioux City, IA
  • 3X® 30” HD
    • +
    • Discover power that rises to the occasion.

      IntelliPower® technology providesup to 13% more available power for the 272cc engine, resulting in less bogging down when clearing heavy, wet and deep snow.*

      *When compared to the same engine without IntelliPower® technology. Improvements vary depending on engine models and specific operating conditions.
    • +
    • Cub Cadet electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engines set new standards in strength and power. EFI provides reliable starting in most conditions.

      Available with IntelliPower® engine technology to take on heavy, deep and wet snow conditions.

A Machine for the Extreme

All Cub Cadet X Series models come with premium features to get your winter done right.

    • Easy chute control

      Throw snow in any direction with easy pitch and chute control from the operator’s station.

    • Improved Visibility

      Designed to help you see at dawn or dusk with headlights that shine bright and far.

    • Push-button electric start

      Eliminate pull starts and start blowing snow quickly with push-button electric start.

    • Move at your speed

      A high-performance auger-propelled drive system designed to work at your pace.

Shop and Compare X Series Snow Blowers

  • Available Snow Blower Features
  • Light Snowfall
    Moderate Use
  • Moderate Snowfall
    Moderate Use
  • Heavy Snowfall
    Frequent Use
  • Push-button electric start comes equipped on all models
  • Heavy-duty gearbox for durability
  • Trigger-control power steering for easy maneuverability
  • Heated hand grips for comfortable operation
  • LED light bar for visibility before and after dawn
  • IntelliPower® for more available engine power to tackle heavy and wet snow
  • Track drive system, designed for severe weather conditions
  • Backed by our limited residential warranty
  • 3-Year
  • 5-Year
  • 5-Year

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