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Take Control with Synchro-Steer
The Ultima Series™ ZTS with Synchro-Steer® steering wheel technology delivers elite control for a perfect cut on hills and slopes of up to 20-degrees.
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Step up to the Ultima Series
With strength and redefined comfort, the Cub Cadet® Ultima Series™ delivers a premium cut. See what makes these zero-turns the ultimate mowing experience.
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Find the best zero-turn for you.
This zero-turn buying guide will recommend the best zero-turn mowers for you based on your lawn size, obstacles in your yard and more.
  • Introducing the Ultima Series™ ZTS

    A new standard in zero-turn control

    the Ultima ZTS brings Cub Cadet's innovative and proprietary Synchro-Stear™ technology to the proven Ultima Series™ platform for enhanced precision and confident control on challenging hills—all backed by the superior strength, comfort and cut quality of the category-leading zero-turn.

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Explore Zero-Turn Mowers

The move to a zero-turn lawn mower is an exciting one for any homeowner. And if you're looking to step up from your current machine, a zero-turn mower should be in your consideration set. Ask yourself if saving time, sidestepping obstacles, and improving your overall mowing experience sounds like a step up from your current situation. If so, be sure to check out the full Cub Cadet line-up of innovative zero-turns. The possibilities are at every turn.

  • New

    Ultima ZTS

    Equipped with Cub Cadet® Synchro-Steer™ Technology, the Ultima ZTS line delivers enhanced precision, control and stability on hills up to 20 degrees with a zero learning curve and incredible maneuverability on uneven terrain.

    • Synchro Steer® Technology​

    • Up to 5 acres ​

    • Up to 7.5 mph

    • Up to 20 degree slopes

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  • Ultima Electric ZT

    The Ultima Series™ ZT1 42E is equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery technology for a quiet operation, extended run time with rapid recharge and no power fade for uncompromising power, minimal maintenance and the same cut quality you can expect from its gas counterparts.

    • Electric​

    • Up to 2 acres on a single charge ​​

    • Up to 7.0 mph​​

    • Up to 15 degree slopes​

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  • Ultima ZT

    The award-winning Ultima Series™ features enhanced strength and durability, redefined comfort and uncompromised performance.

    • Up to 5 acres

    • Up to 7.5 mph ​

    • Up to 15 degree slopes​

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  • Ultima ZTX

    The Ultima Series™ ZTX is another step up in the Cub Cadet® ultimate mowing experience with commercial-grade features that allow you to tackle every challenge on your large property.

    • Commercial grade features​

    • Up to 12 acres ​​

    • Up to 9 mph ​​

    • Up to 15 degree slopes​​

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  • Z-Force SX Series

    With steering-wheel control, the Cub Cadet® Z-Force SX delivers incredible handling and stability around obstacles so you can get the job done faster compared to a traditional Cub Cadet lawn tractor.

    • Up to 5 acres ​

    • 3 year warranty​

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The award-winning Cub Cadet® Ultima Series isn’t just a better zero-turn, it redefined the zero-turn experience offering uncompromising strength, comfort and a premium cut every time.

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With free time at a premium and these powerful mowers becoming more affordable, many homeowners are asking themselves if it’s time to step up.

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