5 Must-Have Riding Mower Attachments

5 Must-Have Riding Mower Attachments

The Cub Cadet® XT Enduro Series™ was built to be versatile. Attachments and accessories will unlock the full potential of your riding mower, making it work for you year-round and enhancing your 5-star experience. Here are five must-have attachments to get the most out of your mower.  


Collect grass clippings and leaves around your yard year-round with a twin- or triple-bagger riding mower attachment. Whether you’re bagging leaves or grass clippings, bagger attachments save raking time and allow for quicker clean-up. The twin bagger system has a 6.5-bushel capacity, while triple baggers have a 10-bushel capacity, allowing for extended mowing time before emptying is needed.

Mulch kits

Recycling grass clippings back into your lawn through mulching is one of the best ways to ensure your lawn receives the proper nutrients it needs to thrive. Promote a heathy-looking lawn and reduce yard waste by mulching frequently during the mowing season. Mulch kits are available for XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series decks.


Haul away the toughest jobs  with this versatile two-wheeled cart. Designed to be attached to any lawn or garden tractor, the Cub Cadet Hauler can hold up to 10 cubic feet of soil or mulch, brick, stone, shrubs, plants, or even garbage bins, and is rated for loads up to 800 lbs. Four collapsible sides allow the Hauler to be folded flat and stored vertically, taking up 70% less space in a garage or shed than traditional yard carts. The foldable feature also allows the Hauler to be used in flat-bed mode, convenient for hauling long loads like logs or lumber.

All-season plow

Cub Cadet’s FastAttach 46-inch heavy duty FastAttach™ All-Season Plow fits XT1 and XT2 Enduro series lawn tractors. The 12-gauge steel blade can move snow, dirt, gravel, mulch, and other commonly used materials that you need to maintain your yard. Installing it will be easy, because our FastAttach connection allows you to align, latch, and lock it into place without tools, making your yard maintenance a breeze.

Snow blower

Keep your Cub Cadet riding mower working year-round with the powerful 3-Stage Snow Blower Attachment. This three-stage unit can clear both deep and heavy snows with ease. Engineered to withstand the most challenging snowfalls, this seasonal attachment has been designed with both strength and comfort in mind. It features reinforced brackets and braces, thicker auger housing, and enhanced knob and control ergonomics.
The Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series  delivers a 5-star experience with power, durability, amazing comfort, and versatility to deliver a signature cut. With attachments and accessories like these, you can get even more out of your riding mower.