The Lawnual Report 2020

The Lawnual Report 2020

Welcome to The Lawnual Report 2020

There are fewer spaces more sacred to Americans than the yard. And while Cub Cadet® is an expert in grass, we wanted to get a deeper understanding of homeowners’ relationship with their lawns. So we did what any self-respecting outdoor power equipment company would do: set up a nationwide study to learn our country’s true feelings toward our grass-covered plots. The results? Lawns are well loved across the US of A. But with 24 million data points accumulated, there are a lot of yard stats yet to digest. This is where we’ll share our findings on the state of the grass with you. Welcome to The Lawnual Report 2020.


The Nuts and Bolts of Our Data

Picture of people surveyed in the US
3,300 People.

Respondents ages were balanced with US Census bureau data. Half of respondents were male and half were female.

200 Questions.

Data was captured in an online quantitative study conducted in partnership with Savanta.

200 million data points for lawnual
24+ Million Data Points.

Literally millions of data points available for us to analyze.


Lawn love goes a long way.

What are people’s general emotions towards mowing? As makers of the best lawn equipment out there, we wanted to know. And to our pleasant surprise, the majority of Americans actually quite enjoy their grass cutting ways. The rest maybe just haven’t gotten their own Cub Cadet yet.

About 50% of people love and like mowing their lawn

Fashion not-so forward.

A t-shirt, shorts and a ballcap are pretty much the standard issue mowing uniform. Yet our research showed that there are some common, but slightly less popular ways people flex their fashion sense while they cut. Socks? They’re not for everyone apparently. And suspenders made a surprise appearance. But we do recommend everyone getting a sun hat.

Most people where sunhats and sandals when mowing their lawn

Turn the mower on.
Turn the tunes up.

The right soundtrack can take a good mow from a 10 to an 11 on the enjoyment scale. But what are we all spinning as we tend to our lawns? Quite the mix, as some of us prefer to bump hip-hop while others enjoy the soothing sounds of audiobooks.

Most people listen to rock and roll and heavy metal when mowing their lawn

A fresh cut calls for a refreshment.

Once the grass is cut and the mower is stowed away, it’s time to treat yourself to a cold little something special. And our research shows that a lot of times we appreciate a good rehydration with a classic glass of water, and other times we want something a little frostier. Regardless, we’re thirsty now.

Most people drink water, followed by domestic beer after mowing their lawn

After mowing, a time to enjoy.

Once you’ve wrapped up your grass cutting duties, now you’re free to move on with your day. So we wondered what the top post-mow activities were. Obviously a cold beverage is up there, but even when we’re done, some of us never wander too far from our lawns. Which we fully endorse.

27% of people love to sit back and admire their work after mowing their lawn, followed by 21% enjoy a cold beverage


First things first, are these numbers you’re presenting real?

You better believe it, buster. We commissioned this report and developed the questions to get only the good insights. Then, we asked homeowners and lawn lovers across the nation. All told, we have 24 million data point combinations at our disposal. The possibilities...they’re infinite.

Why did Cub Cadet do this study?

Because we’re Cub Cadet. And we care deeply about what people think of their lawns and how their lawns make them feel. What do they love about them? What does their grass inspire? These are just a few of the questions that lead us to discovering more about the mowers behind the mowers. Plus, it’s honest-to-goodness fun and we’re honest-to-goodness nerds about this info.

How do you pull and compute these data points?

Great question. When we have an itch to mine a little deeper to understand lawns better, we walk from the 6th floor to the 7th floor and ask our data whiz, Sarah. She fires up her number crunching machine and gives us a closer look at the American yard. About 5 seconds later, she’s sharing her intel with us and blowing minds.

Is this really an annual thing?

We sure hope so. We feel like we’ve only scratched the grass-covered surface with these numbers and that there’s still an ocean of information out there waiting to be dissected and translated into easily digestible, yet still fun and informative, content for you and us.

Think fast: Who’s more likely to listen to hip hop when they mow: men or women?

It’s women. They’re 3.4x more likely than men to spin some hip hop as they mow.

Wow, you guys did go pretty deep with this study and data, didn’t you?

You have no idea.

Wow, I’m suddenly very interested in learning more about which equipment I could use to get in on all this lawn love. Any ideas?

We thought you’d never ask! Of course, it depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. But the good news is Cub Cadet probably has the equipment you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a lawn tractor owners love to talk about, there’s the XT Enduro Series™. Or if you’re more in the zero-turn camp, we have the award-winning Ultima Series™, from the ZT1 42 to the all new ZTX6 60.