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How to Change the Air Filter on a Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Rider

How to Change the Air Filter on a Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Keep your zero-turn mower running smoothly with regular care and maintenance

Regularly changing the air filter on your zero-turn lawn mower is an essential part of lawn maintenance and equipment care. In order to ensure your zero-turn mower has a long life, change the mower's air filter at least once a year. A new, clean Cub Cadet air filter will keep dust and debris away from your engine, allowing it to run without issue. 

If you are scheduled to change the air filter on your zero-turn mower for the first time, watch this instructional video to help you through the process. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you will learn how to care and maintain your machine like a pro. Before you change the mower's air filter, be sure to consult your operator's manual for detailed instructions specific to your zero-turn mower model.

Length of clip: 1:10


Before you begin to change the Cub Cadet air filter on your zero-turn mower, turn machine off and give the engine a chance to cool. As a safety precaution, remove the ignition key and disconnect the spark plug ignition wire. This will prevent accidental ignition as you are changing the mower's air filter.


Step 1: Open the access door on the back of the engine and loosen the clamps on the Cub Cadet air filter hose.


Step 2: With the mower's air filter now exposed, remove the old paper filter.


Step 4: Place your new paper Cub Cadet air filter inside the zero-turn mower.


Step 5: Attach the clamps on the mower's air filter hose.


Step 6: At the back of the engine, reseal the access door.


Step 7: Once you reconnect the spark plug ignition wire, your zero-turn mower is ready to go.


Now that you understand how to change the Cub Cadet air filter in your zero-turn lawn mower, create a schedule to make it a part of your machine's regular maintenance.

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