TRUEDGE: The Perfect Edge. Every Time.
Maintain the exact shape of your greens.
No reshaping, no damage. The TRUEDGE system enables you to maintain the architecture of your greens and tees without unsightly scalping. Get the edge you want, every time.

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Precision Shaping for Golf Course Greens

Consistent Clean-Up

Maintain your original green design with an accurate cut. The TRUEDGE system uses advanced technology to follow the true shape and eliminates the need to spray paint lines. Use it with or without a grass basket on either side of the mower for controlled cleanup in either direction.

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Creep Control

Greens can creep inward by one to four feet per month. Unsightly collar scalping occurs when the original edge is re-marked for operators to follow. Integrate the TRUEDGE system into daily or weekly mowing and eliminate the need to reshape. 

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Easy to Use

The TRUEDGE system mounts easily to your existing equipment and retrofits to other mower brands.

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TruEdge Features.

Same Cutting-edge technology.

The sophisticated, accurate design that gives the TRUEDGE its name.


Wire-guided accuracy.

A wire is installed at the green’s edge, energized and detected by TRUEDGE sensors.

Reduces labor hours.

When integrated into the daily or weekly mowing process, the TRUEDGE eliminates the need to spend time reshaping or correcting.

LED indicators.

The operator is guided by an LED multi-color display indicating the position of the reel relative to the wire for a consistent clean-up pass every time.

"TruEdge allows us to preserve the original design of William Flynn at Shinnecock Hills. It's a must-have for any course manager who wishes to maintain or restore the architecture of the original greens design."

- Jon Jennings, Superindendent, Shinnecock Hills Golf Course

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Wire-guided System
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Never Compromise Architectural Integrity.
The TRUEDGE meticulously preserves your original course architecture, maintaining the exact shape of your greens without reshaping or damage.
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