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Precision Makes Perfect.
Cub Cadet’s Golf Course products utilize advanced technologies to allow superintendents to achieve consistent and excellent turf conditions, reduce operational costs, and improve overall turf health and aesthetics.

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The most consistent putting surface possible. Advanced technology to control and sculpt.


Robotic Greens Mower

Efficient, consistent, and fully robotic. Increase your productivity while the RGX meticulously maintains your grounds.



Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower

Flexibility is the secret weapon for pristine, healthy turf. The INFINICUT tailors every cut, every time, under every condition.

Infinicut professional walk behind reel mower


Precision Shaping for Golf Course Greens

Manual mowing practices can compromise your course. TRUEDGE technology is built on accuracy, allowing you to maintain the exact shape of your greens.

TrueEdge precision shaping attachment

TM System

Cassettes for Customized Turf Care

Unlock the full potential of your greens mowers with the TM System featuring 10 interchangeable SMART cassettes. Every professional turf application is contained in one advanced system.

Infiniset interchangeable SMART cassettes for walk behind mower

Golf Course Testimonials

Valley Brook CC
- McMurray, PA

Valley Brook CC, with three separate nine-hole courses, placed 2 RG3's into daily service beginning in July of 2014 on one of the nine-hole courses to evaluate the RG3 against their existing operations.
The Bayou Club
- Largo, FL

The Bayou Club in Largo, FL placed 4 RG3's into their daily operation in November of 2012, enabling them to achieve walk-mowed and rolled green conditions with the same amount of labor as their daily triplex mowing operations. Members took notice and results in quality speak for themselves.

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Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
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Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
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Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
Wire-guided System
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RGX Quickview
Robotic Greens Mower
Infinicut 34 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
Staying in shape just got easier.
Wire-guided accuracy and intuitive technology eliminate the hassles of reshaping. The TruEdge maintains the exact architecture of your course and makes it look easy.
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