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Cub Cadet steering wheel zero-turn mowers bring many advantages

Cub Cadet steering wheel zero-turn mowers bring many advantages

Lap bars are the traditional tried and true method of operating a zero-turn mower, but they’re not the only option. The Ultima ZTS brings Cub Cadet’s innovative and proprietary Synchro-Steer® technology to the proven Ultima Series platform for enhanced precision and confidence control on challenging hills backed by the superior strength, comfort and cut quality of the category-leading zero-turn.

Synchro-Steer technology reduces overlap. You can hold the steering wheel in place without constantly adjusting, giving you those perfect lines with less effort.

And, because Synchro-Steer technology gives the operator control of all four Turf Master tires, front and rear, Ultima ZTS models don’t need to make a three-point turn. This provides a 10 percent reduction in time mowing compared to the same lap-bar Ultima Series ZT unit.

Whether you’re a first-time zero-turn buyer, transitioning from a traditional lap-bar model or stepping up from a lawn tractor, the Ultima ZTS line will bring you many advantages. This professional grade steering wheel technology gives you more control on slopes and hills of up to 20-degrees and single hand control while still delivering a premium cut with perfect stripes.

The category-leading and award-winning Cub Cadet Ultima Series delivers the ultimate all around experience grounded in strength, comfort and a premium cut. Whether its equipped with a lap bar or steering wheel, powered by a gas engine or a fully electric lithium-ion battery, the Ultima Series was designed for those who love to lawn. Find the right zero-turn for you by using the product finder on