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The Benefits of IntelliPower™ Technology & Electronic Fuel Injection for Snow Blowers

The Benefits of IntelliPower™ Technology & Electronic Fuel Injection for Snow Blowers

What is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)?

If you own a car made in the 90’s or later, then you’re already familiar with EFI. EFI replaced the carburetors of older cars to provide better efficiency and control over the fueling. Electronic Fuel Injection works exactly how it sounds: the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders is controlled electronically by a computer rather than a carburetor.

What does IntelliPower™ Technology and EFI mean for me?

We’ve all been there. A big snowstorm is coming. You start to wonder how soon you’ll need to start up the snow blower to keep up with the anticipated snowfall. And there’s nothing more frustrating than battling a machine with inconsistent performance. When your snow blower doesn’t start when you need it to, or doesn’t have enough power, you lose time and patience quickly. To help you seize the season this year, Cub Cadet has introduced the 2X®30 EFI with IntelliPower™ Technology into the award-winning X Series® line up.

Power Through the Deepest Snow

Snow blowers with IntelliPower™ technology have digital throttle controls that consistently work to optimize the engine’s output. Various electronic inputs monitor engine speed and temperature and allow an on-board computer to digitally control the throttle position to maintain engine speed without you ever noticing. That results in up to 18% more available engine power* when you need it most.

So, what exactly does 18% more engine power mean for you?

For one, more reliable consistent performance. There’ll be less stops and starts when tackling heavier snow falls, so you can expect better consistency, a cleaner job and much less bogging down. This two-stage snow blower will have you conquering the season all winter in snow falls up to 23”.

Reliable Start

What makes this snow blower truly unique from any other offering out there is that this engine was uniquely designed for this specific offering. It combines the state-of the art IntelliPower™ engine technology with an electronic fuel injection system that won’t let you down in the most extreme conditions. The EFI system adapts to your environment and temperatures and optimizes fuel flow, giving you a reliable consistent start time after time, season after season.

The IntelliPower ™ and EFI Advantage:

  • Increased power in heavy snow conditions
  • Simple and dependable starting – no need to choke or prime the engine
  • Easy off-season storage- eliminates the need to drain the fuel tank
  • Improved efficiency by maintaining steady walking speed through heavy snow conditions

Click here to check out our 2X™ 30" EFI with IntelliPower™ model.

*When compared to the same engine without IntelliPower™ feature, improvements vary depending on engine models and specific operating conditions.