Is An Electric Rider Right For You?

Is An Electric Rider Right For You?

Cub Cadet® riding mowers provide a hassle-free, easy to use mowing experience, delivering uncompromising power, minimal maintenance and the cut quality you can expect from its gas counterpart. But is an electric riding mower right for you? You’ll need to consider a few factors before making that determination.  

Our ZT1 42e zero-turn and LT42E Enduro lawn tractor mow up to 2 acres while the CC 30E rider can handle up to 1 acre on a single charge without power fade. If your yard is bigger, and you already break up your mowing with other yard tasks, the convenience of re-charging your battery while you do other jobs still makes these battery powered options viable. One of the biggest advantages lithium-ion technology provides is the ability to re-charge your electric rider’s battery at any time during its charge cycle. You don’t have to wait for it to fully drain to re-charge, meaning you can break up your tasks while charging up your machine with the extra power needed to finish mowing. 

And if you’re someone who has a very large yard and already breaks up your mowing around other yard tasks, another big advantage a battery powered mower has compared to gas is its quiet operation. You’ll be able to start your yardwork earlier and finish later without disturbing your neighbors with loud engine noise, giving you more time to recharge your rider. 

Lithium-ion battery powered mowers use the latest battery technology so you can work longer without experiencing a power fade. When compared to a gas equivalent, an electric rider will be a higher investment up front. However, remember that one of the biggest benefits of a battery-powered mower is the reduction of regular maintenance, eliminating the need to change belts, filters or oil. For a better idea of the total cost, you can use our savings calculator to compare gas and battery-powered mowers. 

You also may experience reduced run times when using attachments with your rider. When operating our zero-turn and lawn tractor with baggers, our recommendation for the best cut possible is to use an Xtream blade. The CC30E rider also may experience lower run times when bagging. 

If you intend to use your Cub Cadet rider to haul heavy materials around your yard, our battery powered options have same towing capacity as their gas counterparts. Also note that the run time recommendations for each mower assumes the deck is in operation cutting the grass. You may experience longer run times if the deck isn’t in operation. 

If you still have questions, our product finder can help narrow down your choices and find the best Cub Cadet riding mower than fits your yard’s needs.