Choosing the right features for your snow blower

Choosing the right features for your snow blower

Cub Cadet® snow blowers are engineered to handle many extremes, helping you to efficiently clear snow season after season. Each model in Cub Cadet’s X-Series comes with various features to help make the task easy. As you assess which model is right for you, consider your needs as an operator so you can identify which features will bring the most benefit. 

If you experience back problems or struggle to operate heavy equipment, then consider a model with electric start and/or trigger controlled power steering. Push button electric start eliminates the need to pull start a cold engine. Also consider a unit with EFI Technology that is designed to reduce starting steps compared to Cub Cadet units without EFI. The technology also eliminates fuel related starting issues for easy starts.

Trigger controlled power steering allows you to turn heavier 2-stage or 3-stage units with one hand as you navigate curves or reach the end of your driveway. You can learn more about the various snow blower stages here. 
When the temperatures drop in the heart of winter, you’ll want a snow blower that’s easy on the hands. Cub Cadet 2-stage and 3-stage models with heated hand grips help provide comfort on cold days. 

If you’re expecting snow where snow depth exceeds the intake height of your unit, drift cutters help prevent snow from falling onto the machine. And heavy snowstorms frequently lead to poor visibility, so consider a model with dual LED headlights or an LED lightbar to help illuminate your clearing path in the early mornings or late evenings. 

A Cub Cadet 2-stage or 3-stage MAX unit were built to tackle extreme conditions and are ideal if you’re frequently having to plow through the ice chunk, or wall of winter, at the end of your driveway. You can also consider a unit featuring Cub Cadet’s IntelliPower™ engine technology, designed to deliver consistent power in heavy and wet snow conditions by digitally optimizing engine output for a smooth and consistent experience in challenging conditions.

The Cub Cadet Ultimate Snow Blower Buyer's Guide can help you identify all your needs, and don’t forget to take into account the different snow blower specifications so you can find a model that fits your specific needs. Once you’re ready, you can use our product finder to find the ideal snow blower for whatever your extreme.