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Battery Charging LT42E

Cub Cadet LT42E Lithium-Ion Riding Lawn Mower Battery Charging Guidelines and Tips 

Proper charging, maintenance and storage of your Cub Cadet LT42 E lithium-ion battery is essential for ensuring years of continuous service. Refer to the manual packed with your battery charger for further information and instructions on charging the battery. The charging port is located on the left side of the dash panel of the tractor. 

To charge the battery: 

1. Lift the charge port cover. 

2. Insert the charging cord into the charging port. 

3. Plug charger power cord into wall receptacle (110-volt outlet).  

Note: It will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery. 

Note: Note: The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) charging icon will be displayed in the LCD, the left most battery segment on the LCD will blink continuously when charging and the LCD display will display percentage of charge. The battery is completely charged when all battery segments on the LCD are not blinking, and the LCD displays 100%. 

Note: When the charging cord is plugged into the tractor and not yet plugged into the wall, the charging icon will not be displayed and the left most battery segment on the LCD will illuminate continuously until the cord is plugged into the wall. If at any time your charger displays a fault while charging your battery, follow these procedures: 

1. Remove the key. 

2. Unplug the charging cord from the tractor. 

3. Unplug the charger power cord from the power source. 

4. Plug the charger power cord back into the power source. 

5. Plug the charging cord back into the tractor. 

6. It the fault persists contact your authorized Service Dealer. 

Note: All Rechargeable batteries degrade with time and use. The battery may eventually need to be replaced. To have the battery replaced, contact your authorized Service Dealer.  

Note: Using an old or faulty battery could cause a system fault that results in loss of power. 

Battery Charging Tips 

  • The unit should be stored and charged in an indoor environment i.e. a garage or shed 

  • The battery should be fully charged before the initial use. 

  • The battery should be fully charged after each use. Storing the battery in a discharged state could reduce performance. 

  • The battery will turn off automatically after a complete charge. 

  • It will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Leaving the battery connected to the charger for more than 4 hours will not damage the battery. 

  • The battery does not develop a memory and does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. 

  • Always disconnect battery charger (or extension cord, if used) from the electrical receptacle (outlet) first, then disconnect the charging cord from the charging port. 

  • Never charge a frozen battery. 

  • It is recommended that the tractor be charged once every month during off-season storage. 

  • Do not allow the battery or battery charger to overheat. If they are warm, allow them to cool down. Only charge batteries in temperatures between 32° and 104° F (0° and 40° C). 

  • If using an extension cord, make sure the extension cord is heavy enough to carry the current drawn by the charger. An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in a loss of power and overheating. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge cord. The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord.