Benefits of a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Benefits of a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

A battery-powered lawnmower can enhance your overall mowing experience. After taking into account yard size and terrain — battery-powered mowers are a better fit for smaller yards, or those up to 2 acres, with mostly flat terrain and few obstacles — here are five reasons why a battery-powered mower will benefit your yard.

No gas, reduced maintenance

With no oil, clutch, throttle, belts, and gears, you’ll experience significantly less maintenance compared to gas counterparts. You’ll also lose the hassle of gas by not needing any, meaning no spills to clean up and more money saved on fuel.

Power when you need it

Our lithium-ion batteries recharge quickly in just 4 hours and can handle at minimum up to 1-acre, or 1-hour, on a single charge without any power drop off. You can also sleep easy knowing your battery will be there for you because we’ve backed it with a 4-year limited warranty.

Zero emissions

Electric-powered mowers provide a zero-emission ride. The mower doesn’t emit exhaust, carbon monoxide, or unburned hydrocarbons from the on-board source of power for a cleaner ride that’s better for the environment.

Quiet ride

Battery-powered lawnmowers are not as loud as their gas counterparts, giving you a more pleasant mowing experience with less disruption. You’re also able to mow at hours you might not be able to — earlier in the morning when it’s not as hot out, or later in the day when the sun has set — with a gas engine because the quieter electric mower is less of a disturbance to your neighbors.

Tough and reliable

Our electric mowers are engineered to the same, tough standards as our gas-powered models. That means you’ll get Cub Cadet’s® advanced cutting system engineered to deliver a superior cut without a power fade.  
Deciding whether you’re more comfortable with a battery- or gas-powered mower ultimately comes down to the best fit for your needs. Either way you go, Cub Cadet has you covered with a 5-star experience built on amazing comfort, versatility, and performance to deliver a signature cut.