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Learn How to Use a Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower

Zero-turn lawn mowers offer you the ability to navigate a medium-to-large sized yard with ease, effectively handling even though tight, hard-to-reach corners. If you're wondering how to operate a zero-turn mower and how it differs from a standard riding lawn mower, read your operator's manual and check out our tips below. We'll help you learn how to use a zero-turn riding lawn mower safely and efficiently to cut down the time and effort it takes to cut your lawn.

Understand differences between how to use a zero-turn mower and a how to use a riding lawn mower

With zero-turn mowers, the front wheels can pivot on a dime giving you ultimate maneuverability in tight spaces. Plus, you can choose either lap bar or steering wheel operation, whichever makes you comfortable. If you're unfamiliar with lap bar steering, think of it like the handles on a bike, to turn left, move your left hand toward you, while pushing the right away. Zero-turn mowers are also faster than most standard riding lawn mowers so be prepared for more power when you get behind the wheel and exercise caution when turning. Consider practicing without the blades engaged when you first get your lawn mower to ensure you retain proper control.

For more tips on how to operate a zero-turn lawn mower, consult your operator's manual.