8 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are a great way to save time clearing snow, and Cub Cadet® offers a variety of models engineered for all extremes. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about snow blowers.


How does a snow blower work?

Snow blowers help you quickly remove snow from unwanted areas. A single stage snow blower is the most basic kind, where the auger paddle pulls snow into the machine and throws it out of the chute. There are also more advanced stages designed to handle more snow. A 2 stage snow blower not only pulls snow into the machine, but feeds it into an impeller to break it up more efficiently before throwing it out of the discharge chute. And 3 stage units have an additional accelerator that clears snow 50% faster than a comparable Cub Cadet 2 stage snow blower.


How do I test a snow blower without snow?

All you have to do is fire up the unit in the driveway. Once started, the user can test the speed control to make sure that all unit speeds are working, the chute controls to ensure that they are engaging smoothly, the light to make sure it is still functional, and the auger control to ensure the augers are working.


How wide of a snow blower do I need?

Size, stage, intake height and clearing width all depend on how much snowfall your area experiences. If you live in an area that routinely gets 6-in. or less, a single-stage snow blower will do just fine. If you regularly experience up to 12-in., you’ll want to consider a 2 stage snow blower. And if you’re constantly bombarded with heavy snowfall, up to 23-in., consider a 3 stage snow blower or one of our commercial-grade MAX units.

Remember the wider the clearing width, the more snow your machine can handle. So you’ll want more clearance if you get more snow. Our product finder can help match you with your ideal snow blower model.


How much do snow blowers weigh?

Generally speaking, snow blowers get bigger and thus weigh more as you ascend up the stages. Our single stage snow blower, the 1X 21" LHP Snow Blower, weighs about 100 pounds. A 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower can range from more than 200 pounds to 350 pounds or more depending on its features. For instance, our MAX models come with heavy-duty features that add weight, but increase durability.


How do I start a snow blower with electric start?

Go through the normal starting sequence by inserting the key into the engine, properly prime and choke the unit and then attach an extension cord to the electric start. Once those steps are complete just press the electric start button and the engine fires right up.


Do snow blowers work in icy conditions?

Yes, snow blowers work on ice, just be sure to take the proper safety precautions to protect yourself from falling as you walk over slippery surfaces. Tires may slip from time to time but will ultimately get the snow removal job done. If you are is looking for increased traction a tire chain kit may help. If you are regularly facing icy conditions on steep slopes or inclines you may want to invest in a track unit — like our 2X 26" TRAC Snow Blower  or 3X 26" TRAC Snow Blower  — to take advantage of its superior traction.


Can I use a snow blower on a wooden deck?

A snow blower can be used on a deck. The most practical application to do so is a single stage snow blower thanks to its lightweight design, though make sure the auger paddles are rubber, like on our 1X 21" LHP Snow Blower model, so it won’t scratch up the wood. Also be sure to adhere to proper safety procedures, like removing any loose debris or small items from the deck surface and examine for protruding nails or screws as they could cause shear breakage.


Can I use a snow blower on a gravel driveway?

Yes, a snow blower can be used on a gravel driveway, but you will need to closely follow the instructions in the operator’s manual to do so safely. Make sure to raise the shave plate above the gravel to avoid throwing gravel, which can cause injury to bystanders or property damage. And for additional traction, consider a model equipped with a track drive — like our 2X 26" TRAC Snow Blower or 3X 26" TRAC Snow Blower  — as these are ideal for slopes, inclines, and gravel.