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How to Sharpen and Care for Your Walk-Behind Mower Blade

A sharp mower blade is instrumental in keeping your lawn lush and well-groomed. These instructions will explain how to properly care for and sharpen the lawn mower blade on your walk-behind. You should periodically inspect the blade adapter for cracks, especially if you strike a foreign object. If you notice dings, nicks or rust on your blade, use a mower blade sharpener to grind a new edge. Replace the mower blade if badly bent or when sharpening is no longer an option. Follow the steps below to safely remove, service and replace your walk-behind lawn mower blade.


Step 1 - Prepare your walk-behind mower for maintenance

Step 2 - Remove the lawn mower blade

Step 3 - Service and sharpen the lawn mower blade

Step 4 - Test the mower blade balance

Step 5 - Lubricate the lawn mower's blade adapter and crankshaft

Step 6 - Place the sharpened lawn mower blade back on the mower

Step 7 - Test the balance and starting mowing