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Log Splitter Safety Tips

  • Read understand and follow all instructions on the machine and in the operator's manual before attempting to assemble and operate.
  • Be familiar with all controls and proper operation.  Know how to stop the machine and disengage quickly.
  • Never allow children under 17 years to operate this machine.  Children, 16 years and over, should read and understand instructions and safety rules in this manual and should be trained and supervised by a parent.
  • Many accidents occur when more than one person operates the machine.  If a helper is assisting in loading logs, never activate the control until the helper is a minimum of 10 feet from the machine.
  • Keep bystanders, pets and children at least 20 feet from the machine while it is in operation.
  • Hydraulic log splitters develop high fluid pressures during operation.  Fluid escaping through a pin hole opening can penetrate your skin and cause blood poisoning, gangrene or death.
  • Keep the operator zone and adjacent area clear for safe, secure fitting.