The Importance of Sharp Mower Blades and How to Maintain Them

replacing the blade on mower deck

Mowers are obviously meant to cut grass, but without sharp blades they may not produce optimal results. Maintaining your mower — including sharpening and replacing blades — before maintaining your lawn will always help generate the best results when mowing. But what’s the best way to upkeep your mower blades? We’re sharing tips that will help you determine the best plan of action to keep your mower blades sharp this season.

Sharpening blades

Ideally, blades should be sharpened or replaced at least once a year, and blades that are bent should not be used. In addition, watch for impact or wear on blade surfaces and cutting edges. If you notice any of these conditions, your blades should be replaced.  

Replacing blades

If sharpening your current mower blades isn’t sufficient, changing the blades is recommended. It’s easy to change your mower blades, but the specific steps will depend on the type of mower you have. Watch the videos below to learn more about how to change or replace the blades on your mower.

Push mower

Ultima Series™ zero-turn mower

XT Enduro Series™ lawn tractor

Cleaning blades

Before sharpening,  replacing your blades, you’ll want to first clean the underside of the deck to remove any grass buildup. However, simple cleaning is also recommended after each use to help keep blades sharp and to ensure your mower is performing at its best all season. When cleaning, use a stiff bristle brush or rag to help loosen grass buildup around the blade spindle and collar area.

Follow these tips or reach out to your Cub Cadet® dealer to help keep your mower at peak performance all season.