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Snow Thrower Operation Tips

Snow Thrower Operation Tips

Learn how to use a snow thrower from Cub Cadet

Knowing how to use a snow thrower is crucial to safety during operation. Whether you have a 1X single-stage, 2X two-stage or one of our new 3X three-stage snow throwers, these operation tips will help you plow through piles of winter snow with ease. Check out these tips on how to operate a snow thrower before the first flake flies to be prepared for everything from light dustings to blizzard accumulation.

  • Perform necessary snow thrower maintenance before the season starts.
  • Start up your snow thrower and let it run for a few minutes in a well-ventilated space to warm up before operation.
  • Bundle up before heading out and consider a snow thrower cab to increase protection from the elements. Make sure all your clothes are safely tucked in to avoid being caught in the snow thrower.
  • Do not put hands or feet near rotating parts, in the auger/impeller housing or in the chute assembly. Contact with the rotating parts can amputate hands and feet. If the snow thrower chute becomes clogged, turn off the machine and wait until all moving parts have stopped, then use the chute cleaning tool to clear it out.
  • Never bypass the auger/impeller control lever, as it is a safety device and doing so makes the machine unsafe and may cause personal injury.
  • Make sure the control levers operate easily in both directions and automatically return to the disengaged position when released.
    This ensures you can stop, start and change speeds safely when necessary.
  • Never operate with a missing or damaged chute assembly. Make sure all your safety devices are in place and working properly.
  • Never run an engine indoors or in a poorly ventilated area.
  • Be extremely cautious when operating on or crossing gravel surfaces as stones can be picked up and tossed by the snow thrower.

For more information on snow thrower operation and maintenance, check out our other snow thrower how-tos, or visit a Cub Cadet authorized snow thrower service dealer for help with more complicated repairs. Snow thrower repairs becoming more frequent over the years? Maybe it's time for a new model. Browse our selection of innovative snow throwers to choose the right one to help you plow through winter weather, then find a dealer near you.