Cub Cadet Introduces Its First-Ever Semi-Autonomous Commercial Mowers

Cub Cadet Introduces Its First-Ever Semi-Autonomous Commercial Mowers

Valley City, Ohio — Sept. 29, 2021 — Cub Cadet is introducing an exciting new chapter in true landscaping innovation with its first semi-autonomous commercial mowers. The Cub Cadet PRO Series PRO Z™ 960 S and 972 S SurePath™ units are outfitted with GPS technology and an exclusive four-wheel steering system to deliver the most efficient cut possible.

The operator simply sets the preliminary cut line, and the PRO Z SurePath units will perform straight cutting paths with an auto-zero-turn at the end of each pass with the touch of a button. By utilizing high-precision GPS technology, SurePath Auto Steer reduces overlap and cuts perfect stripes, allowing the operator to complete a property in less time while producing superior cut quality.

“SurePath Auto Steer technology is the ultimate efficiency tool. Our field research shows it significantly reduces overlap and increases productivity by more than 0.5 acres per hour compared to traditional lap-bar steering controls*,” says Josh Sooy, Director, Professional Business Segment, Cub Cadet. “Landscapers can look forward to time savings to shorten their day, cover more ground or take on other tasks.”

Post-pandemic labor shortages have been particularly challenging for landscaping businesses. The lack of skilled labor has equated to more time and resources being diverted to training new hires who lack experience operating larger commercial mowers, resulting in reduced productivity and poor cut quality. Because of the semi-autonomous nature of the Auto Steer technology, every single operator—from new hires to skilled operators—can be expected to deliver consistent quality cuts and efficient operation when using a PRO Z SurePath unit. Plus, the simple and intuitive user experience helps lower the learning curve and reduces the time necessary to train new landscapers.

“In addition to greater overall productivity and efficiency for landscaping businesses, SurePath Auto Steer technology lowers the risk of turf damage and unhappy customers and enables even the most inexperienced operators to quickly rival and even surpass the speed and cut quality of experienced landscaping professionals,” adds Sooy.

While not every innovation or technology comes with the assurance of strength and efficiency SurePath delivers on both. Built on the trusted PRO Z 960 S and PRO Z 972 S platforms, the SurePath units are outfitted with 16CC transmissions, 26-inch rear tires and a high-performance FX1000v Kawasaki® engine, and are backed by a 3-year, no-hour-limit warranty or a 5-year 1,750-hour limited deck warranty.

Cub Cadet PRO Series PRO Z 960 S and 972 S SurePath units will be available at dealers in select markets starting in Spring 2022.

*SurePath™ efficiency and savings statistics are intended for illustrative purposes only. The efficiency and saving information presented are mathematically extrapolated from the measured overlap improvements between a Cub Cadet© SurePath™ equipped commercial zero-turn mower with a 72” cutting deck/cut width when compared with an otherwise identically equipped Cub Cadet mower with traditional lap-bar steering controls operated by a variety of professional landscapers in controlled conditions.  The overlap improvements were measured by a third-party testing firm which also extrapolated those results based on commercial mowing industry norms and standards they identified.  Actual results in the field will vary based on operator preferences, mowing conditions, terrain, site configurations, and other factors.

Cub Cadet commercial products are intended for professional use. SurePath functionality based on market availability. Programs and specs subject to change without notice.

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