Cub Cadet Launches The Lawnual Report Shedding Light on U.S. Lawncare Habits

Cub Cadet Launches The Lawnual Report  Shedding Light on U.S. Lawncare Habits

Cub Cadet Launches The Lawnual Report

Shedding Light on U.S. Lawncare Habits

 National survey uncovers the truth about American’s relationship with their lawns and surprising generational and gender behaviors

CLEVELAND, June 15, 2020—Today, Cub Cadet, a leading outdoor power equipment designer and manufacturer, is announcing the Cub Cadet Lawnual Report, a national survey of American lawncare habits that assembled over 24 million data points to illuminate regional and national behaviors and trends.

Long story short, the Cub Cadet Lawnual Report found that Americans still love their lawns. Nearly half (48%) of people say they like mowing their lawn. And somewhat surprisingly, millennials love mowing their lawn more than any other generation, with 51.7% taking great pride in lawncare and 74.6% keeping their lawns at the optimal length.

“Cub Cadet is unapologetic in our love for all things lawn-related so we wanted to find out how people truly feel about their lawns,” said Siana Calanni, Brand Manager, Cub Cadet. “And our curiosity got the better of us: who’s more likely to listen to hip hop when they mow, women or men? And what’s the post-mow beverage of choice for millennials? The data we uncovered gave us a peek at the mowers behind the mowers.”

The Lawnual Report brought to light gender differences in lawncare habits, showing that women tend to work more on their lawn while men like to brag more about their lawncare. After a good cut, men are 11x more likely to brag about how good their mow looks on social media than women.

The survey also found surprising gender differences in musical taste and preferred beverages. The Lawnual Report found that women are 3.4 times more likely than men to listen to hip-hop while they mow. In addition, more women (11%) choose to cool off with a craft beer after they mow compared to 9% of men who turn to craft beers after they mow the lawn.

The survey uncovered generational differences as well: as far as lawn mowing attire, the survey shows that millennials are actually 2x more likely than baby boomers to wear shorts while mowing.

“Research and data about our customers informs everything we do, beginning with product design,” said Calanni. “It allows us to build the best experience for consumers. The Lawnual puts a fun spin on understanding these mowing habits.”

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Cub Cadet Lawnual Report Methodology:

The Cub Cadet Lawnual Report asked homeowners who also own either a walk behind mower, a riding mower, a zero-turn mower, or a robotic lawn mower to complete an online survey about behavioral patterns, mowing habits and preferences related to their yard. The survey was conducted among approximately 3,300 men and women across the country ages 21 to 74 by Savanta on behalf of Cub Cadet in March 2019.

About Cub Cadet:

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