Alert Notices



Wintertime engines are among the rare instances where the California Air Resources Board (ARB) does not have  an  evaporative  standard.  Specifically,  13  CCR  §2751  states  that  snow  throwers  are exempt; however, your snow thrower has been voluntarily equipped with low-permeable fuel lines and metal tanks and there is an evaporative Emissions Control Information (ECI) label on the snow thrower’s engine.


The  Emission  Control  Information  (ECI)  label  on  these  snow  throwers  represent  that  “THIS  ENGINE  MEETS U.S. EPA AND CALIFORNIA EXH/EVP REGS FOR SMALL OFF-ROAD ENGINES FOR (YEAR).”  (See below)

To conform to the statutory requirements, the label should state the following:  “THIS ENGINE MEETS U.S.  EPA  EXH/EVP  AND  CALIFORNIA  EXH  REGS  FOR  SMALL  OFF-ROAD  ENGINES  FOR  (YEAR).”  

To remedy this issue a new ECI label can be mailed to you.  To facilitate this, it is necessary for you to notify  us  of  what  your  snow  thrower’s  ECI  label  states  specific  to  the  year.    We  will  need  your snow  thrower’s serial number, the year listed in the red-box section above, and/or the ECI label number circled above. Please call Customer Service at 1.877.428.2349 toll free week days between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST. Please select 1 for English, then enter your zip code, and select 3 to speak with a representative.  Proceed to stay on the line when other options are presented.  Next, select option 2 for Technical Support, then select option 2 for MTD engines,  Powermore  engines  or  Troy-Bilt  engines.  This  will  connect  you  to  a  customer service representative familiar with this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please note that this does not affect your snow thrower’s evaporative emission warranty; this will still be honored