Step 1

Please note, the instructions reference side chains, cross chains, a C-hook and locking link. Before you begin, get familiar with your Cub Cadet tire chains.

Step 2

Place the riding lawn mower on a flat, level surface and disconnect the red battery cable and the spark plug ignition wire.

Step 3

Lay the Cub Cadet tire chain flat on the ground. The open sides of the cross chain hooks should be facing up. Make sure the C-hook is on the inside edge of the tire, and that there are no twists in the chain.

Step 4

Hold the middle of the side chains and lay the Cub Cadet tire chain over the tire. The open ends of the cross chain hooks should be facing away from the tire.

Step 5

Tuck the loose ends of the chain under the tire. Push the riding lawn mower forward slightly and work with the hooks at the ends of the Cub Cadet tire chain, connecting the C-hook to the second or third link of the side chain on the inside of the tire.

Step 6

Pull the chain tight and connect the locking link to the second or third link of the side chain on the outside of the tire. To lock it in place, fold the locking link back and under the side chain.

Step 7

When both sides are connected, tighten them until the riding lawn mower's tire chain is snug. Make sure the chains remain even on the tire. If you want a tighter fit, slightly deflate the riding lawn mower tire before tightening chains. Re-inflate the tire to the proper manufacturer's suggested pressure.

Step 8

Finally, use cable ties to secure any of the unused links on your riding mower tire chains.


With these simple instructions and tips from the experts, you will be able to assemble riding lawn mower tire chains and use your machine year-round.

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