Sand Blade Set for 46-inch Cutting Decks

Item#: 490-110-M181
From $69.99 MSRP
Sand Blade Set for 46-inch Cutting Decks
Item#: 490-110-M181
From $69.99 MSRP


Fits Riding Mowers, Lawn Tractors and RZT Mowers with a Two-Blade 46-inch Cutting Deck (2009 -)

Blades are designed with an inward curve that lifts grass providing an excellent side discharge cut while limiting the amount of dust raised when mowing in sandy conditions.

Low-Lift Blades are ideal for mowing in dry or very dry environments, where sandy conditions exist such as Southern and Coastal regions. Grass types best suited for Low Lift sand blades include St. Augustine, Bahia, Zoysia, Centipede and Bermuda.

  • For Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, MTD, Craftsman, MTD Gold, Bolens, White Outdoor, Yard Machines, Remington, Yard-Man and Huskee
  • Fits Cub Cadet LTX1045, LTX1046, LTX1046 KW, LTX1046 M, LTX1046VT, RZT-L46 KH, RZT-L46 H, RZT-L46, RZT-LX 46 KW, RZT-S46 KH, RZT-SX 46 EFI, RZT-SX 46 KH, RZT-S46
  • Fits Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series LT46 KH, LT46, LT46 EFI, LX46 EFI, LX46 KH, LX46 LE
  • FIts Cub Cadet ZT1 and ZT2 Ultima Series 46 KH
  • Fits Troy-Bilt Horse XP, Bronco 46T Auto, Super Bronco 46 Auto, Super Bronco 46 Hydro, Horse 46 Hydro, Horse 46 Auto, Horse 46 XP Hydro, TB46, LT FAB46, TB2246, Thouroghbred, Mustang XP 46, Mustang Pivot S 46, Mustang Pivot 46, Mustang XP Pivot S 46
  • Fits Craftsman LT2000, LT2500, T1500, T1600, T1700, T2600, T2700, T2800, T150, T225, T135, T150, T240, Z6400, T8200, T3100, T8600, Z530, 
  • Fits Huskee LT 4600,
  • Fits White Outdoor LT2200, LT-2200
  • Fits Murray M200-46, M19546, 

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