The power to move mountains.

Cub Cadet leaf blowers produce gale-force winds up to 150mph creating air volume up to 450cfm with handhelds and up to 1000cfm with the Jet Sweep. So now you can move those mountins of leaves and debris with ease.

The power of choice.

From gas leaf blowers with 2-cycle and 4-cycle OHV engines to convenient, high-performance, lithium-ion powered electric leaf blowers, Cub Cadet has the right fit for every need and preference.

Leaf Blowers

  • Ideal for efficiently clearing large yard areas.
  • Powerful wind force, from 445cfm to 1000cfm.
  • 3-year limited residential warranty (2-year on Jet Sweep Blower).

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Leaf Blowers


The Power To Move Mountains

Clear away mountains of leaves, twigs or debris with Cub Cadet handheld leaf blowers that can generate up to 150 mph and 450 cfm of airspeed. The Jet Sweep generates up to 150 mph winds and air volume up to 1000 cfm for the big jobs. It's the ultimate in power and performance.

Spread It Or Collect It

With an available Vac Kit on our backpack leaf blowers (select models), in addition to clearing areas of debris you also have the ability to clean up leaves and mulch debris, collecting it in a convenient bag.

Start a Movement

Getting all that wind power in motion couldn't be easier than with the Power Start feature available on our gas-powered leaf blowers. Power Start lets you fire up your Cub Cadet leaf blower with a standard electric drill or with a cordless adapter.

Leaf Blowers

Keep your Cub Cadet leaf blower running smoothly with genuine Cub Cadet accessories like fuel stabilizers and battery chargers. Whether you choose gase or electric leaf blowers, make sure you have what you need to get the most from your machine.

32 oz. STA-BIL

Price $14.29

Part Number: 22216

STA-BIL 32 oz. container of fuel stabilizer

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Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 Fuel Quality Test

Price $59.88

Part Number: 490-240-0011

Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 fuel quality test

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Oil Siphon Pump

Price $14.98

Part Number: 490-850-0008

Makes it easy to transfer oil, gas, and other liquids from tank to container. Hose and hardware included. Disassembles for easy cleaning.

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Double End Small Engine Spark Plug Wrench

Price $4.39

Part Number: SPW-134

Spark Plug Wrench

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Price $3.84

Part Number: OL-420


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