Go to great lengths with little effort.

Single lever deck height adjustment on our lawn mowers gets you the right cutting height quickly.

Guaranteed performance.

Separate blade control lets you stop the blades while the engine keeps running for safety while operating a self-propelled lawn mower.

You're on a roll.

16" pneumatic rear wheels help keep your walk-behind mower on the right track.

A perfect cut every time.

33" steel deck is engineered to create a superior mulching lawn mower with side discharge.

Wide-Area Walk-Behind Mowers

  • 33-inch mowing deck.
  • Powerful gas engine options.
  • 3-year/120-hour limited warranty.

Price Starting at $1,299.99

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Wide-Area Walk-Behind Mowers

Features of our wide-area walk-behind mowers

Unsurpassed Results of the Cub Cadet Signature Cut™

Delivers a professional-quality cut every time. Keeping your grass precise and your yard picture-perfect. No one can match the Cub Cadet Signature Cut™.

Easy to Use

Variable 4-speed drive system allows you to set your speed based on terrain and personal preference. With the separate drive and blade controls (blade brake clutch), the mower doesn't shut off if you take your hands off. And, with a single lever deck height adjustment, you can achieve a consistent blade height easily.

Superior Maneuverability

It features front caster wheels for easy maneuverability and large rear pneumatic wheels for superior traction over uneven ground.

Style & Comfort

Blade Shut Off Feature

By separating blade and engine functions, the Cub Cadet Wide-Area Walk-Behind Mower allows you to stop the blades while the engine keeps running. Rolling over gravel, flower beds, obstructions in the mowing path, or even emptying the grass bag can be done without shutting off the engine.

Right on Pace

4-speed Sure-Speed™ transmissions on our self-propelled lawn mowers take the effort out of mowing and lets you set the pace, always keeping you comfortably in control.

Push Button Convenience

For the ultimate ease of operation, the Wide-Area Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers is available with an automotive-style electric starter. That means your mower is always ready to go at the simple turn of a key.

Wide-Area Walk-Behind Mowers

Maximize the potential of your wide-area walk-behind mower with genuine Cub Cadet attachments and accessories. Enjoy more functionality, better results, and greater overall satisfaction when you maintain your self-propelled lawn mower with these parts.

Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 Fuel Quality Test

Price $59.88

Part Number: 490-240-0011

Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 fuel quality test

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All-Season Protection Universal Lawn Mower Cover

Price $21.99

Part Number: 490-290-0012

Universal Lawn Mower Cover

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32 oz. STA-BIL

Price $14.29

Part Number: 22216

STA-BIL 32 oz. container of fuel stabilizer

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Universal Blade Removal Tool

Price $15.03

Part Number: 490-850-0005

Blade Removal Tool

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Oil Siphon Pump

Price $14.98

Part Number: 490-850-0008

Makes it easy to transfer oil, gas, and other liquids from tank to container. Hose and hardware included. Disassembles for easy cleaning.

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Double End Small Engine Spark Plug Wrench

Price $4.39

Part Number: SPW-134

Spark Plug Wrench

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Price $7.35

Part Number: OL-448


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33" Walk-Behind Bagger

Price $165.00

Part Number: 19A20001100

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