Log Splitter Operation Tips



Splitting with Log Splitter in Horizontal Position


Step 1

Logs should be cut with square ends prior to splitting.


Step 2
When loading a log, always place your hands on the sides of the log, not the ends, and never use your foot to help stabilize a log.  Failure to do so, may result in crushed or amputated fingers, toes, hand, or foot.


Step 3
Use only your hands to operate the controls.


Step 4
Never attempt to split more than one log at a time unless the ram has been fully extended and a second log is needed to complete the separation of the first log.


Step 5
For logs which are not cut square, the least square ends and the longest portion of the log should be placed toward the beam and wedge, and the square end paced towards the end plate.

Splitting with the log splitter in the vertical position

Step 1
Stabilize the log before moving the control.


Step 2
Place log on the end plate and turn until it leans against the beam and is stable.


Step 3
When splitting extra large or uneven logs, the log must be stabilized with wooden ships or split wood between the log and the end plate, or ground.


Step 4
Always keep fingers away from any cracks that open in the log while splitting.  They can quickly close and pinch, or amputate, your fingers.

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