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Spring is here. It's time to break ground, turn the soil and let our green thumbs guide Mother Nature's long-awaited return. To welcome the season, we've prepared helpful tips and information - and we're unveiling a new line of products designed to make your work in the yard more enjoyable.

bronco tiller

New for 2016

FLEX™ - New Attachments

Introducing three new attachments for the FLEX' yard care system: the plug aerator, dethatcher and water pump. The dethatcher and plug aerator will give your lawn the chance to breathe and blossom - improving the health of your grass. And the water pump attachment lets you move a high volume of water from one point to another at 120 gallons per minute.

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The Importance of Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a garden planting technique traditionally used by farmers to help maintain prime growing soil by planting fruits and vegetables in a different area of their garden every year. Not only does this technique protect the soil and keep it in a workable condition, it also provides numerous benefits to your harvest.

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Tips for Dividing Perennials

After several seasons, you may start to notice perennials not looking as lively as they once did. Rather than maintaining the shape of a full cluster, the plant may begin to die in the center, forming more of a ring shape. With spring fast approaching, now is an ideal time for maintenance on these plants, as they are actively growing and can handle the slight disruption.

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Seeding Tips for a Better Lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful all season may seem difficult at times, but with preparation, proper seeding and regular maintenance, you can have the yard the whole neighborhood admires. Whether fixing up some existing grass or starting from scratch, follow these guidelines when seeding a lawn.

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