Step 1

Place the mower on a flat, level surface.

Step 2

Make sure the engine is cool, then disconnect the spark plug wire.

Step 3

Remove the dip stick from the oil fill tube.  Then, using the Arnold Siphon Pump, place the orange tube into the dip stick hole on the engine and the black tube into the oil pan.

Step 4

Prime the pump by pumping the handle three to four times.  Once the oil begins to flow, it will flow without further pumping.

Step 5

Remove the orange tube and add new oil as instructed in your operator's manual.

Step 6

To remove the oil using the traditional method, remove the dip stick.  Then, tip the mower onto wooden blocks with the air filter facing upward and allow the oil to completely drain into an oil catch basin.

Step 7

Replace the dip stick.

Step 8

Replace the spark plug ignition wire.

Step 9

Dispose of the oil properly.

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