Quick and easy control

Change the direction and pitch of where you throw snow right from the operator�s station. Convenient remote chute controls give you immediate access and one-hand control (1X™ 221 LHP only).

A clean throw

No worries of jamming with a high-impact, clog-resistant chute that freely throws wet snow and slush.

Big power in a small body

1X™ snow throwers feature larger, more powerful Cub Cadet® OHV engines � the same ones you�ll find on bigger two-stage units � and feature push-button electric start.

Clear the way with ease

The high-performance auger system on 1X™ snow throwers clears your driveway or sidewalk and effortlessly drives the snow forward.

1X™ Single-Stage Power

  • Large 21" clearing width and 13" intake height
  • Electric start OHV engines from 179cc to 208cc
  • Unsurpassed 3-year residential and 1-year limited commercial warranty

Price Starting at $499.99

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1X™ Single-Stage Power

1X Single-Stage Snow Thrower Features

Push-Button Electric Start

A large, powerful 4-cycle Cub Cadet OHV engine gives you much more power than you might expect from a single-stage snow thrower. And it all begins with a simple push of a button. Just plug into a standard 110V wall outlet, press the start button, and you're ready to go.

Remote Chute Control

Spend less time and effort in the cold. Change the direction of where you throw snow right from the operator's station. A convenient control joystick gives you immediate access and one-hand control of the chute on your walk-behind snow thrower (221 LHP only).

High-Performance Self-Propelled Auger Drive System

With a self-propelled auger drive system created from high-impact rubber and reinforced with steel, you get an ideal blend of power and dependability in a lightweight design. So your walk-behind snow thrower is easy to maneuver in your driveway while still blasting the snow away.

1X™ Single-Stage Power

32 oz. STA-BIL

Price $14.29

Part Number: 22216

STA-BIL 32 oz. container of fuel stabilizer

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Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 Fuel Quality Test

Price $59.88

Part Number: 490-240-0011

Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs 2-in-1 fuel quality test

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