Smart features.

An exclusive intelligent lap bar system on the TANK™ L/LZ commercial rider offers the easiest, tool-free adjustability available - for unmatched ergonomics and all-day personalized comfort.

Practically indestructible.

The extreme-duty, heavy-gauge steel rail frame construction on the TANK™ L/LZ is twice as strong as competitive models. That means reliable performance day in and day out.

Never miss a spot.

Unbeatable corrosion protection against unforgiving environmental conditions. The electronically-applied double layer of eCoat and power gives twice the protection, ensuring the most thorough coverage to even the most complex, hidden parts. The TANK™ L/LZ is a match for the elements.

The cut that always makes the cut.

Cutting system components and deck design are optimized for flawless performance, low maintenance and consistent professional results - what's known as the Cub Cadet Signature Cut™. 10-gauge fabricated steel deck construction on the TANK™ L/LZ commercial rider assures years of reliable service.

Rock-solid performance.

The TANK™ L/LZ commercial rider's commercial-grade V-twin engines and rugged heavy-duty transmission are the heart of the industry's most durable and efficient drive train.

TANK™ L/LZ Series

Commercial Zero-Turn Riders

  • Mowing decks of 48, 54 and 60 inches wide.
  • Powerful commercial engines, from 22.5 to 27 HP.
  • 2-year limited commercial warranty (no hour limitations) or 4-year/800-hour limited residential warranty

MSRP Starting at $8,499.99

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TANK™ L/LZ Series

TANK™ L/LZ Features

Professional Power for Unmatched Results

High-performance commercial-grade engines with a heavy-duty remote canister air filtration system deliver longer engine life, more efficient performance and simple maintenance across the line.

Unbeatable Corrosion Protection and Durability

Provides twice the protection against unforgiving environmental conditions while ensuring even the most complex parts are thoroughly and evenly coated inside and outs with an electronically-applied dual layer of eCoat and powder. Now that's a smart investment.

Industry-Leading, Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Frame

The 3/8" x 5" laser cut full-length steel frame features convenient tie-down slots for transporting. The heavy-duty frame absorbs the stress of hours of operation over rough terrain and the full-length frame is stronger and more robust than competitors with a bolt-together design.

Style & Comfort

Professional-Grade Comfort

A high-back elasticity vibration control (EVC) comfort seat with arm rests is the perfect place to spend hours of productive mowing.

Comfort At Your Command

An advanced, easily adjustable lap bar system is designed to make it incredibly easy to get on board and get comfortable. A cup holder and storage box come standard to help make a long day of mowing surprisingly comfortable and convenient.

Accessories at Work

With an optional power lift, 12-volt outlet kit, light kit, 72" snow blade and more, it's easy to outfit your TANK™ L/LZ to do more every day and all through the year.

TANK™ L/LZ Series

Maximize the potential of the revolutionary TANK™ LZ commercial rider mower with genuine Cub Cadet attachments and accessories. Mulch kits, snow blades, and power lifts can make your Cub Cadet TANK™ LZ an even smarter investment.

Ultra Traction Tire/Rim

Part Number: 590-488-150

Additional traction and ground-holding capability that grips in all types of terrain for sure-footed performance.

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Heavy-Duty Striping Roller

Part Number: 59A30043150

Adjustable, heavy-duty rollers leave a perfectly striped finish every time.

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Work Light Kit

Part Number: 59A30011150

Work earlier in the moring or later at night by increasing visibility in low light conditions

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Price $251.43

Part Number: 590-583-150


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Power Assist Triple Bagger

Part Number: 59A30044150

Quick attach design with tool-less switching from bagging to side discharge - Requires front weight kit

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Power Deck Lift Kit

Part Number: 59A30035150

Easily raise and lower the deck with an effortless push of a button.

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Price $218.90

Part Number: 19A70037100


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72" Snow Blade

Part Number: 59A30036150

Quick-adjust angle snow blade brings year-round productivity.

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Price $218.90

Part Number: 19A70038100


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Price $218.90

Part Number: 19A70039100


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Power Assist Dump Hopper

Rugged yet lightweight box maximizes loads; easily switch from bagging to side-discharge - Requires front weight kit

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12 Volt Outlet Kit

Price $65.08

Part Number: 59A30021150

Charge or operate additional electronic equipment

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Price $75.90

Part Number: 490-241-0026

Rear Tire Chains. 23" x 10.5" x 12". Gain additional traction in snowy and icy conditions.

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Front Weight Kit

Part Number: 59A30037150

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Wand / Vac Hose Kit

Part Number: 59A30041150

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Price $97.90

Part Number: 490-241-0036


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